Monday, July 29, 2013

UPDATE Hedonism II Improvemnets - from Go Classy Tours

Hedonism II Improvemnets

Was asked to post an update about all the improvements at Hedonism II from a repeater that has been there over 100 times - and there are A LOT!  Copy and pasted just as it was sent to me :)

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Just got back last Monday and I was amazed at all that had been done in the  past 3 months !
Here are some of the things I noticed:
Donna Grant is back as Hotel manager, such a pleasure to work with Lorna Brammer is taking the Guest relations manager position to new heights
The room prototypes are fantastic and they hope to have the first 
50 rooms done by the end of the year
Repeaters only have to sign a pre-printed form at reception when arriving
A $100 deposit is taken from a credit card at check in to pay for any charges while there, returned when you leave
Reception area ceiling painted a brighter color
Area between reception and the dining room cleaned out and landscaped
No more towel cards..2 towels in my room on arrival, exchange on the beach as before
Full complement of linens in room each day
Refrigerator request filled within 1 hour, each of the new rooms will have a free refrigerator, must pay to  have it stocked
Room spotless and no disinfectant smell upon arrival
New paint in the rooms, a light beige, much brighter
New mattresses and pillows, very comfortable
New beach chairs plentiful and have 4 positions including flat, webbing soft
At least 70 new tables on the beach, about 15 inches square
New fine sand on the nude beach
Side door added to the nude beach grill
Windows on the nude beach grill now pivot up so you get some shade while in line in the afternoon
New flat screen TVs in all rooms, no more head banging
Wood walkway near spa redone with new wood with sunken screws
New pads on the dining room  chairs. a bright green tropical pattern
All new silverware
Cloth tablecloths and napkins at lunch and dinner
Some decorations at food stations, no ice sculptures yet
Netting over some of the vegetable and fruit food stations
New tiles around the main pool
New railings around main pool and upper deck
New pool cues
Chess boards repainted
Rumballs at lunch 4 days in a row
Upper hot tub removes and area tiled over and safe to walk on
Coffee area redone with nice racks for the cups
Metal trays to hold serving utensils at hot food stations
Munasan now named HarrySan
More premium liquors at certain bars
Breakfast music soft and few loud announcements
15 more shade umbrellas for the nude beach and pool, no new tables to sit at to eat..maybe on next order
New ice machine next to nude Jacuzzi so bar doesn't have to go all the way to the top for more ice
Portable beer tap to be at nude Jacuzzi except when needed elsewhere..24 hours
New sound system in the piano bar
3 new portable Bose systems for the ECs to use
Piano bar, chairs reupholstered
New dive boat operational
4 new Hobie cats
New BCDs for the divers
New snorkels and masks
Complimentary use of office computer to check in and print boarding passes for return flight
New AC system for the office,gym, spa and Martinos
For the first time in memory, when I turned the shower dial it actually provided warmer or colder water distribution system
  being installed
Gym has 3 new LifeStyle treadmills and 2 new recumbent bikes on order
And last but not least, NO MORE LUNCHTIME PIN !!!  You can eat lunch in peace..ECs run a party at Nude pool with games and

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