Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hedonism II Hedoween Spooktacular Trip Report 10/28

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Well, October 28 had me sitting in the lobby greeting another 50+ guests to Hedonism II Hedoween Spooktacular.  Everyone loves the H2 Bumper Stickers and having lots of fun with Bart's Funny Money.
It fun watching people strolling by in Hedonism II Anniversary Memorabilia from years past.  I have my 6th Anniversary Madonna T-Shirt and my 10th anniversary Black Robe.  People are even wearing Go Classy Tours Memorabilia T-Shirts. 

Friday Nights Theme is now Rock Stars
and the Main Coarse was LOBSTER

Yes, Elvis was in the house and 
Yes,I forgot to take pictures of the Yummy Lobster Tails .... 
I was to busy eating.

The Entertainment Staff did a wonderful combination of music starting from about the Sixties.  Some people dressed as actual Groups or Singers, others just dressed like a Rock Star would.  Other wore there favorite Rock Star T-Shirt.  
It was a fun and entertaining evening.

Off to the piano bar, and yet again I didn't make it to the Disco ....
Maybe tomorrow .....

Rock On Down 

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