Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Three Reasons to Book Hedonism II NOW!

Lowest Prices for 2012
Book NOW Rates Will Go Up!

 Three Reasons to Book Hedonism II NOW!

1.  Rates are as low as they are going to get in all probability.  The fact is with the closure of three nude resorts in the last year, the pressure on Hedo II and other resorts is growing.  Hedo is currently running 80% occupancy and higher and there is no incentive to discount rates.

2.  Current discounts will end shortly - as within days probably.  You will see whole new pricing structures that will be higher rates, we think.

3.  Availability - Fact is more people are traveling in groups and booking even before they leave the resort.  It's already too late to book for some dates in 2012 and as hard as it is to believe we have dates in 2013 we can not get rooms for.

Bottom line:  If you want Hedo you need to call us today.  You will save money and frustration by booking 2011 and 2012 NOW!

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